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Chloe Scott


People will judge you when you have a career like mine. They will say that I’m disrespecting and wearing down my body. But these are the people that are giving countless hours into their day/night jobs. Wearing down their own body and depleting their energy, barely to make ends meet. And I respect that, if that’s what they want to do – heck, I was once in that position. But I chose to be able to make my own schedule and be a able to live comfortably, while building a savings.

All while having my body treated like a temple, I’m sorry but no man in my personal life has respected and admired the female body, my body, the way that these men I’ve worked with in porn have. Sex is not a disrespectful thing, for some reason today it is believed to be that way.

I will never understand that. Learning about my sexuality and my body more and more each day has been the most freeing, liberating, and knowledgeable experience I’ve had, and being able to constantly focus on that as my career is amazing. It has also helped me learn to take better care of my body.┬áMy health. And myself in a whole.

I also love meeting new people each and every day and making new connections with some of the most open minded people I’ve came across in these short 18 years . And that’s the crazy part, this is only the beginning.

I will be in porn for as long as porn accepts me, I will admit the money’s great. But the truth is, I’ve never known myself in the way I have in these past few months, porn has not changed me, but it has let me be my true self.